Bakdraff is a collective of entrepreneurs who specialize in the marketing and distribution of digital media


The Vault


The album 'The Vault' by hip hop collective Bakdraff will be available for download on April 29, 2016. This latest release features seventeen tracks from over fifteen artists and music producers from the state of Pennsylvania.  'The Vault' features production from Xeno,, Rambo, and Joe Breaker. Artists featured on the album include Tweed, Plus, Judge, Riz, William H. Bonnie, Bricks, J-Murda, P-Killa, Ty-Law, Lil Mike, J-Wess, Spuck Johnson, Deep Thought, L.T., Rambo, and additional vocals from Jerk, Xeno, and Sean Hall. All songs recorded at Sneaky Studios, Blackout Recordings, New World Entertainment, Kingpinz Music, and Bakdraff. Thank you to New world Entertainment, Flop, Doe, Tweed and his family, G-Wiz and his family, and all the artists, studios, and labels that contributed to this project.