Bakdraff is a collective of entrepreneurs who specialize in the marketing and distribution of digital media

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The Steel City Hustle


'The Steel City Hustle' by Rambo is the first official release from the Pittsburgh hip hop collective Bakdraff. After his song 'The Game of Life' aired on local Pittsburgh radio station WAMO fm, Rambo went on to release his debut album 'Concrete Jungle'. Since then he has released several albums including 'The Steel City Hustle' and 'Concrete Camouflage' as well as the compilation projects 'The Foundation' and 'The Vault' by the hip hop collective known as Bakdraff. Rambo has been featured on several albums and has created music with over forty recording artists from all across the U.S. and Jamaica. Over the years he has had the opportunity to work with several Independent labels such as New World Entertainment, Blackout Entertainment, and Silvertooth Records. These companies gave him the platform to work with many talented producers, artists, and entrepreneurs from all over the country. Today Rambo can be found in the studio working on new music for various upcoming projects.