Bakdraff is a collective of entrepreneurs who specialize in the marketing and distribution of digital media

All Summer Sixteen

 So as the summer of 2016 officially comes to an end, I'd like to thank everyone that helped us promote our latest release 'The Vault'. I want to start with thanking the entire city of New York for all the love especially Harlem, East Harlem, Brooklyn, East New York, South Bronx, Jamaica Queens,  Staten Island,  New York University, The City University of New York, and the whole island of Manhattan. Shout out to the whole state of New Jersey, Edison, Trenton, Jersey City, Paterson, Newark, Atlantic City, and Union City. Shout out to Cleveland, as a Pittsburgh native we were always taught to not like anything from Cleveland, but after seeing the city for myself I got a whole new respect for ya'll. Especially East Cleveland, where it goes down for real. Thank you to Washington D.C. and the whole DMV its all love. And last but not least Pistolvania!!!! From Pittsburgh to Philly and everywhere in between, thank ya'll for real. So as the seasons start to change and the leaves fall, I look forward to our upcoming projects and all things Bakdraff.