Bakdraff is a collective of entrepreneurs who specialize in the marketing and distribution of digital media

Bakdraff on BitTorrent

               A few years ago I became aware of a unique opportunity for artists to distribute music. For years I've known about peer to peer software like Bearshare, Limewire, and Kazaa to name a few. I didn't really see any value in these networks from the artists point of view because they gave people access to movies , music , and other content for free. Content that cost real money to produce, whether it was big name film studios in Hollywood, major record labels in New York, or me in Pittsburgh paying recording studios, music producers and god knows who else to put together a product. Now I've had a few people I know capitalize on these software programs to produce bootleg copies of any movie / album you can think of and sell them in the streets for a nice profit, can't knock the hustle. I've even read articles about the music business in other countries where bootlegging is basically the main distribution channel in places like Sao Paulo Brazil as well as alot of other major cities across the globe.

              So after seeing the effects of peer to peer technology on the creative industries worldwide, it seemed that the smart thing to do would be to embrace the habits of consumers and use these networks to deliver the latest movie or album. That's exactly what BitTorrent decided to do with the BitTorrent Bundle, now called BitTorrent Now. This is a way for recording artists and other content creators to distribute free content where they want, how they want, and meet their audience on common ground. So after previously releasing two bundles of my own, in the past, today I am releasing "A Bit of BAKDRAFF" a new BitTorrent release for hip hop heads to enjoy. This new release features a collection of eight songs from three different Bakdraff albums. So feel free to download the free music on BitTorrent and download and stream the albums 'The Steel City Hustle', 'Concrete Camouflage' and 'The Vault' on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever digital music goes to next.