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New album 'The Vault' by Bakdraff.

'The Vault' is the latest release from Bakdraff Entertainment. The album is seventeen tracks long featuring music that was created over several years of recording. As the executive producer of this project I was involved in countless studio sessions at various locations in and around the Pittsburgh metro area. This album is unique because of the history that is captured within these songs. For me and the artists featured here, this is a recorded diary of the struggles we've been through growing up in the Steel City. This music is dedicated to everyone we grew up with, and to the people we lost in the process. Its dedicated to the big homie Tweed, who is featured on the track 'No Heart' on the album. Its dedicated to the blood, sweat, and tears we shed and to the hustle we shared together.The album will be available for download on April 29, 2016.